Free Downloadable E-Books

Many of our patrons have asked us how they can download electronic books to their readers. While the Library is not purchasing e-books at this time, there are many ways to get free e-books from the internet.

Websites for downloading free E-books.

There are several ways to get free e-books. Many websites, like Project Gutenberg and Many Books, offer thousands of books that are in the public domain. Some places, like Amazon’s Kindle e-books section and iPad’s iBooks app will have special deals where you can download free e-books that are also outside of the public domain.

Please note that if you do not have an e-reader, you will be able download e-books to your personal computer from some of these sites by using the PC or Mac option. Also,the Kindle, Nook and Sony readers all have apps available that you can download to your computer. Scroll down to read how you can get these free e-books on to your own e-reader, PC or MAC.

Project Gutenberg

Click here to view instructions on how to download free e-books to individual e-readers and computers through Project Gutenberg. Please note that the process can differ for individual e-book readers,so it is important to read the instructions that are particular to your device.On the left hand sidebar menu ,you will see the search feature that enables you to locate titles you may be interested in reading.

Many Books provides access to over 29,000 free e-books. You can browse by author, title, subject and language or just use the search box to look for a specific title.

Go here for help with downloading books to different e-book readers.

Open Library lists several thousand e-books that are available to download for free to your computer and many e-book readers.

Click here and select “How do I read books on Open Library?” and you will be brought to the section of Open Library’s website that explains how to read free e-books in different formats through their website.

Different Readers

If you have a Kindle, provides you with information on how to download free or low cost e-book to your Kindle.

If you have a Nook, Barnes & Noble provides some free contemporary titles. Just go here to view what titles are available. Please note that when downloading a free Nook e-book that is not in the public domain, they will prompt you for your credit card information.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “supported file types”. You’ll see which file formats are supported by the Nook when downloading free e-books from the free sites mentioned above. These are the type of files you will need to download for those free e-books to open on your Nook.

Sony E-book Reader
Sony offers some free e-books,but it is best to do the search through your Sony reader library since that is where you need to be in order to download the item. Samples are also available for free download,so make sure what you are downloading is a free complete book and not just an excerpt. Still, you can click here to search if you would like. Note that you can also go to the sites mentioned earlier to download books onto your Sony E-book Reader.

You will need to download the iBook app from the iPad app store here.

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Once you have downloaded the iBooks app,open it up and tap on the store button.
2) Select the free option.
3) Use the iBook search feature to find a book that you would like to read.
4) When you find the book that you want,tap where it says free.
5) You will then tap “get book”
6) This will bring you directly to your iBook library where you can open up your book and begin reading.


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